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FAQs | Pre Wedding

Q: What should I do after I sign the package?

A: We will send you a SMS within 7 days after signing the package. This SMS will consist of your member ID (eg: K788). Please note: Do not call this Mobile Phone Number as it is only used to send SMS. To contact us via call: 03-7877 4840.


In the meantime, discuss with your fiancé when you would like the photoshoot to be. We encourage at least 6-8 months before the wedding day to have sufficient timeframe for the photo production. Once you have a few dates, call us to check our schedule (at least 2-4 weeks before but availability can’t be guaranteed as its always based on first come first serve basis). Once the photoshoot date is confirmed, we will then fix the appointment for gown selection (for photoshoot only).


If you do not have a wedding date yet, we would recommend to only when you have fixed your wedding date, or have a firm plan when to do the photoshoot.


Q: What are the items that I need to bring and to prepare for the shoot?
A: Our bridal studio provides many flower bouquet props and vintage brief cases for our couple to use. If you have specific props and ideas that you would like, please do share with your consultant, we are happy to provide to you complimentary if we have it, if not then bride and groom would need to prepare yourself.


Engagement rings and wedding bands are significant item to your wedding so bring them too! We’ll capture them for you as MV pose.


Q: What are MV poses?

A: MV poses are mood shots that complements your wedding photos. They are objects –icons that has significant meaning to your love story. Eg: Engagement rings and wedding bands, wedding shoes, couple holding hands, or even love letters.














Q: How about make-up? Does the make-up artist follow us to outdoor shoots?

A: Our make-up artist will need to style you up in different looks to match your wedding gowns. The make-up artist will follow you to outdoor shoots if your package contains at least 2 bridal looks for outdoor shoot on certain promotion packages only or you may add RM380 follow outdoor fees if your package doesn’t include that service.


Q: I heard many other brides talk about ampoules and eyelashes, do you provide them? Are they necessary? I have sensitive skin, can I use my own moisturizer instead?

Yes. Ampoules are essential for your skin due to long hours of make-up, it also helps to give you that glow for healthier and fresher look. Eyelashes too are essential as we need to create full bridal make up look. Ampoules and eyelashes are not inclusive in package, you can get them from our make-up artist at RM40 each.


Ampoules is good for your skin. It contains high concentration of active ingredients like pure vitamins, enzymes in various combinations, and most of the time do not contain preservatives or chemicals, it usually comes in small one-off-use packaging, small quantity enough to penetrate deeply into the skin, targeting specific skincare problems for all skin type.


Q: Can I request the photographer/ make-up artist?
A: Yes, you can request at a surcharge of RM300 per photographer / make-up artist.


Q: What if my photoshoot went longer than expected?

A: OT (over time) fees will be charged on an hourly rate of RM120 per hour. We are strict on maintaining the well-being of our crew on the job thus we hope our clients and crew can abide the planned schedule, unless it is due to unavoidable circumstances.


Q: What if it rained on the day of the shoot?

A: Rain duration in Kuala Lumpur on an average is usually not more than an hour. We will follow the schedule and wait until the rain subside, unless it’s taking too long then we will make changes to the plan. If it is decided to reshoot on another day, couple only need to pay a fee of RM200 to redo the Bridal Make up & Hair do. Booking of Photographer, Stylist, and Gowns involved are free of charge. 


Q: How do we travel for outdoor shoots?
A: By couple’s car. Our crew members will hop on to your car for outdoor locations. Note that there will be several items needed to be transported as well such as camera bag, wedding gown bag and props bag. We always encourage couple to empty your vehicle boot so it is sufficient to store all necessary items. If you need assistance to arrange for MPV rental, do speak to us for arrangement.

Q: How about outstation fees? How are the charges like?

A: Refer to the map below.



Q: How long do I need to wait to see my photos?
A: On normal practice, Sample Viewing will be ready in a month’s time. We will fix the appointment immediately after your photoshoot session.

Q: Do I get back all softcopies? If not, can I purchase them?
A: Package does not include all softcopies. Extra poses are sold separately at RM150 per pose.


Q: Can I choose all the gowns?

A: In our best efforts to keep our beautiful gowns in the best condition, we segmented our gowns base on its purpose: outdoor, indoor photoshoot, and actual day gown. You can select from the category: Y/G/P label. Eg: If you are going for a full outdoor shoot, you should choose gown from Y label and not G or P. FBB and Europe gowns from Specific Brands are for non-package rental and sale only, the pre wedding package does not include these two labels.


Wedding Gown Category

Y Label gowns | Gowns for outdoor shooting 

G label gowns | Gowns for indoor photoshoot including new gowns and designer wear

P label gowns | Gowns for actual day including new gowns and new designer wear, and selected European gowns

FBB | Fan Bing Bing Series – Gowns chosen by the International Artist Ms Fan for our brides. They are usually more elaborate dresses.

The Gown Atelier | International Designer brands from Europe 

  | Alessandra Rinaudo, Birenzweig, Tarik Ediz, Ida Torez, Daria Karlozi, Terani Couture


Q: Can I wear G & P Label gowns to outdoor?
A: We do not encourage brides to wear gowns other than Y Label to outdoor. This is for the purpose of maintaining top condition of the wedding gowns especially in P label which might have been reserved for other bride’s actual wedding day. We are strict on our gown handling and will not risk the condition of the gowns. On the other hand, we wish for our brides could have the ideal dream gown for the shoot, so if you found something that you really like to bring outdoors, you can speak to our wardrobe assistant, however the final decision will be at management’s discretion. If it is approved, upgrading fees will be incurred.


Q: What if I prefer the gowns that is not within my package?

A: Check with our wardrobe assistant if the gown is available for upgrade. Upgrade fees varies.


Q: What happen if one of the gown returned from wedding day is damaged or stained with unknown substance?

A: This would be our worst nightmare! Worst case scenario (if it happens), we will send the gown to the designer for inspection and / or cleaning specialist to get a quotation on the restoration. If professional repair is required, we will, unfortunately, have to impose damage charges on you. As we hope this would not happen, please be careful in handling the gowns.


Q: Can I do my photoshoot during weekend?
A: Photo shooting must be done on weekdays to avoid crowd especially for outdoors. Furthermore, weekends are usually reserved for Actual Wedding Day Photoshoot or Make up job.  


Q: Is there any hidden cost?
A: We are transparent with all our cost. When you attend the wedding consultation, your consultant would list down all optional cost that might incurred, therefore the answer is no. All our services are subject to 6% gst. 

Q: Does the pre wedding package comes with Actual Day make up and photography?
A: No. We need to confirm the availability of our crew before we can sell the services to you.

Q: If I do not want some items from the package, will the price be reduced?
A: We aim to give you the best price for each package deal, therefore price reduction is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, we are flexible in adjusting and customising the perfect wedding package for you. Do speak to our consultants in person for adjustments.


Q: When do I select my wedding gown for actual day?
A: We recommend you to choose the gown 2 months before your wedding.

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