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The name Precious signifies the uniqueness of each individual we meet at their most important life milestone. This once-in-a-lifetime affair is a precious one.


We extend our hands and hearts, and with our combined expertise make your journey a smooth, creative, fun-filled, and memorable one!


Together we create precious moments


Studio10 is private photo studio owned by Precious. It is also the first resort-style studio in Petaling Jaya. With a grand area size of 20,000 sq.ft., Studio10 opened in 2018 and is equipped with a saltwater pool on the upper floor, forestscapes in the backyard, and over 70 mock-up scenes and backdrops!


All Precious members get to enjoy this unique studio setting with indoor and outdoor scenes all in just one location. Rain or shine, your photoshoot session will be completed in time!


The Gown Atelier curates a line of exquisite gowns from Europe cater to Malaysian brides who desire the finest craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Brands under The Gown Atelier brand are Birenzweig, Alessandra Rinaudo, Tarik Ediz, Pollardi, Daria Karlozi, Ida Torez, Lana Shiy and Riki Dalal.

Studio 10 brand
The Gown Atelier brand
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