Being Malaysian Chinese, we are proud to say that many Chinese brides still carry out a full, authentic Chinese tradition wedding, which includes the absolute tedious customaries, from picking auspicious dates for the wedding, setting up matrimonial bed, betrothal gift ceremony, hair combing ceremony, to fetching the bride, and prayers to ancestors, and etc.

We know, we know! It’s super tiring. But it’s great then because we remember our roots and practice them.

Photo: Our gorgeous PRECIOUS bride Nicole Wong in her Gold & Silver threaded and embroidered

Dragon & Phoenix Kwa with her lovely bridesmaids.

The good news is, if you are looking for a beautiful Gold & Silver threaded Dragon & Phoenix Kwa, you can get it here at PRECIOUS. But we can't wait to share the better news! Which is... we now have a full set of Chinese Tradisional Wedding Costume! Which includes The Phoenix Crown and Groom's Headwear! Yes we do!

The Phoenix Crown

The Phoenix Crown is majestic enough as it is. But by adding lines of pearl beadings at the front, we enchance the intricacy of the entire piece. And we have fallen in love with this even more. :)

The Groom's Headwear!

And this is for the groom. We are ready to go! :D

We also got some new Oriental Hair Jewellery Pins

And yes, we absolutely love it! If you prefer something simpler without the Phoenix Crown, you can opt to get these gorgeous hair pins. It will look really outstanding in photos.

These are brand new items from Precious! We would love to see our brides wear this!

Don't just inquire, come over and take a look! :D

Find us now!

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199, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia


A Little About Chinese Tradition In Chinese weddings ritual, it is mandatory to be surrounded with red colours which represents good luck, prosperity, love, and it’s also believed to keep evil spirits away.

The Kua Kua (Kwan Kua ‘裙褂’) is a Chinese traditional wedding dress made of silk blouse and long skirt, in full red, embedded with intricate handcrafted beadings, embellished with dragons and phoenix embroidery which traditionally said to symbolize the balance of energy between male & female. The gold and silver thread embroidery are considered the most precious craftwork on the wedding dress which requires a highly skilful craftsperson to make. The Phoenix Crown During Ming Dynasty, the Phoenix Crown is worn by noblewomen during official ceremonies and yes brides too but made in different colours and decoration settings. In this modern time, The Phoenix Crown ‘鳳冠’ has been replaced with modern head jewellery. Thus, looking for a phoenix crown for a traditional Chinese wedding would be quite difficult.

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