7 Pre-Wedding Destination by Precious Wedding

Are you considering taking your pre-wedding photos overseas?

Here's the thing! You need to consider energy, and time. Travelling to another country for photoshoot means carrying extra clothes during your travel, walking around with long, heavy, draggy wedding gowns, and extra shoes and a bunch of other stuff, and you may have late lunch because you'll be moving from one place to another just to get a few more good shots. Are you ready for that? If you are, means you are ready to embark in an exhausting but extremely fun photoshooting experience. Need not us to tell you the stunning photo background that you could be showing off at your wedding reception! Oh yeah!

And do take additional few days after the photoshoot to rejuvinate your fatique body and enjoy a good holiday away from home!

Our overseas photoshooting schedule is planned at least half a year ahead for selected countries. Couples only take care of their own expenses as flight and accomodation for our crew is taken care of by the company, so there are some cost saved. The catch is, couples will need to follow our scheduled time.

And we must say, these beautiful images are not meant to be under your bed, who wouldn't agree? *wink*

We have been travelling across some major cities around the world. Here are some highlights of 7 countries we have been to.

1. Bali, Indonesia

2. Bangkok, Thailand

3. Macau, China

4. Seoul, South Korea

5. Kyoto, Japan

6. Brisbane, Australia

7. Paris, France

Are you ready yet? :D You can find our latest promotion here and view gallery here.

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