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4 Important Things You Should Know Before Signing Up A Pre-Wedding Package in KL .

Taking pre-wedding photos is an obligatory part of a modern wedding preparation. It's also something you want to proudly show to your grandchildren in the (far) future, so you need to be sure your photo turns out as beautiful as you want it to be so they can tell you, "Po po, you looked amazing!".

Heh~ Ok jokes aside.

Back to the pre-wedding packages that we are talking about. With so many bridal houses out there in PJ SS2, where do you start?

And now you are thinking, should you walk-in into a bridal house? Should you wait for the next wedding fair? What kind of gown do you want? Rent from a bridal house? or custom made? What? And oh, about bridal houses, you've heard so much about bridal houses trying to "cheat" customers, having "hidden cost" after signing up, some services are not inclusive, a lot of unforeseen add-ons $$, what more tragic news do you need to hear as if getting married isn't already spending all your savings, and here you are having to pay more than you ask for when all you want to do is just to get your pre-wedding photos professionally taken. Okay now, calm down... It's not always "being cheated" when engaging a bridal house. Being a bride-to-be is not that hard. First of all, as a consumer you need to clearly understand a few things: what you are signing up for, and potentially the things you might need in getting your photos taken, so you know how to manage the budget.

There are a few steps you need to take, and a simple guide to how to select your bridal house. Most importantly, understanding what you are signing up for. Remember, it's not just the product and services that you are engaging, but also more than half a year-long of trust and relationship with your bridal consultant, so if you find yourself having a hard time communicating with them or constantly disagreeing about things, you should request for another consultant, and if things doesn't resolve, then find yourself a new bridal house, take our advice.

So, what are the things you should know before signing up a pre-wedding photography package?

1. Understanding the content of the package

So, what does a standard package comes with?

A standard pre-wedding package from most bridal houses usually include these 3 main components: Photoshoot Session, Wedding Production, and Actual Day Necessity. These are the 3 main components that Precious Bridal House offers in a standard package.


Note: Some smaller bridal houses MAY NOT include the 3rd component so you have to rent gowns separately. For those who do, the 3rd component usually doesn't come with bridal make-up and actual day photography (including Precious Bridal House). Every bridal house has different terms and conditions so be sure to clarify with them if you are unsure.

This is important to understand because most of us just LOVE to compare prices online without knowing and clarifying what the package actually includes, and of course this is not the right way. This is why we always advice our customers to visit us at our showroom for consultation just so you understand better. You will definitely have questions that you need to clarify. While doing price comparison, it is important to be sure you are comparing apple-to-apple. Not all cheap packages are "worth it", it is cheap for a reason, it is cheap for affordability, but it may not have the items that you need. You don't want to be having a lot of add-ons later on because adding a little at a time can amount to A LOT OF MONEY IN THE END! And not all expensive packages are expensive just to rip your off. They may include higher quality materials, upgraded goods, and essential items for the wedding day. So be sure to check before deciding!

Do you know: Wedding albums and frames come in many sizes. This is also the reason why prices differ.

While comparing, you also need to take into consideration the type of gowns the bridal house is providing, the sizes of the wedding albums and frames provided in a package, the number of poses that are inclusive, and other services that are in the package which are not listed in the 3 components above.

2. About Wedding Gowns Labels + Photography

Wedding Gowns Labels

We've heard terms like VIP, VVIP, Exclusive Designer Gowns, and such labels when dealing with bridal houses. Like, what, is, that???

Gown classification exist for a reason. In bridal houses, there'll usually be a general gown range where brides can choose any gowns, and there'll also be other range with exclusive designer wears and extravagant designs, and to wear those gowns usually requires a top-up. In Precious Bridal House, we label our gowns for its purpose. For example, Pink Label carries mainly designer wears and exclusive pieces with delicate and premium materials are for wedding day use, Green Label carries mainly gowns with more prominent details for studio photoshoot use, and Yellow Label carries outdoor gowns that are made of more durable fabric or with styles that are suitable for outdoor photoshoot purposes. All gowns mentioned earlier are usually inclusive in Precious Signature Package. You may ask, does Precious Bridal House has gowns that are not inclusive if I sign up the most sought after Precious Signature Package? Yes there is. We also have an exclusive collection - Fan Bing Bing Collection, which is mainly for sale or rent, and for couple who sign up the FanBingBing Package. A wedding gown is a focal point of the wedding, therefore it is extremely important for you to browse through the gown collection before signing up a deal to ensure you've seen something you like. This should be the first thing you should do.

Do you know: All wedding gowns are altered-to-measure


Photography Style

Every photographer has different shooting style. Photography style is pretty straight forward, if you see the photos and you like it, then "yes" is your answer.

Take your time to browse through the portfolios to see the consistency of the photography skill. And during the time you browse through the albums or photos on social media, remember to also look out for the bridal make-up and hair styles that the team can do. The photos tell a lot about the team skills and what the bridal house can offer.

3. What is not inclusive?

Based on the 3 main component, the following is Precious's practice.

Photoshoot: Groom's inner shirt and pants are usually not inclusive. We, and most of the bridal houses, still have difficulties to provide shirts and pants in various sizes, in multiple colours, textures, and cuttings. Unlike gowns, gowns can be altered. For brides, the few optional items that you require during the make-up session are ampoules, eyelashes, stick-on nails, and colour hair spray, you only pay if you use, this is the same across all bridal houses.

Ground trip to outdoor locations are not inclusive. Couples are to drive the crew to the destination.


Wedding Day: Actual day bridal make up, actual day photography and videography,are not included in the Precious Signature Package.

4. Know what you want

What do you want? A fairy tale pre-wedding shoot with extravagant crystal ball gown with everything fancy in a price of an iPad is not that realistic. You can't get Häagen-Dazs with a price of a Paddle Pop, right? This applies to almost anything.

"What do you want" in this context is... What is your absolute priority? Are you looking for a wedding gown that fits your garden theme wedding? Or are you very concern about spending more than your budget? Or are you looking for a creative photographer that could fulfil your fairytale-like photo?

Ask yourself. Open up to your bridal consultant of what you need, be honest and aim for practicality on your request. By knowing what you want, we usually can help you craft a special package that suits to your needs. If you don't know what you want yet, it's ok. Make an appointment to speak to our bridal consultant, we are more than happy to assist you in your photoshoot planning journey.

To get started, you can get a quotation online from us via our Facebook page or email us, then make an appointment to meet us in person. We have so much to talk to you.

In Precious Bridal House, we aim to provide the perfect full pre-wedding package to our brides at the most reasonable price with the best of service that we can offer.

Ask for our Precious Signature Pre-Wedding Package.

All in, no headaches.

Do know that we will be overjoyed if you upgrade anything from the package (of course!), this means more sales for us, but please do know that we would be even more ecstatic if our customers are extremely happy and satisfied with our work and services.

We are certain about the standards that we offer is the perfect package. Anything extra would be things like if you want a fancier wedding gown, additional poses, or a reprint of a wedding album that you want to give to your in law that is living abroad just to name a few possibilities.

So now that you have a good insight of a pre-wedding package...


... are you prepared now, brides? Be a smart consumer. Happy shopping! :D

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates! Contact us 603 7877 4840 | 199, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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