Firdaus + Anis : First Couple for MAKING HAPPY WEDS PROJECT

Regularly dropping off and picking up documents from our bridal showroom, PRECIOUS staff members definitely know of Firdaus - the dispatch boy. He has been servicing PRECIOUS for many years now, seeing him is just like seeing another co-worker, hard working and he has got this energy that brightens up the room whenever he walks in.

He came up to East one day, shyly ask how much a bridal photo shoot would cost because he was preparing for his wedding. With a shock to a price too high for a humble guy, all he can say is “wow… I see”.

The way he looks at the window displayed mannequins, you can tell he, too, want to give something beautiful like this to his future wife. The next day, he came up to East again and inquire the price for a basic package. And in this instant, East knew that he was the perfect candidate.

Firdaus and Anis

"It was such a surprise when Firdaus told me the good news one day, that the manager would sponsor us a bridal photo shoot. We are very grateful for that, and I've never imagined having something like this." - Anis told us during the sample viewing.

Anis in her favorite red layered evening gown

Joelle - Assistant Manager presenting the wedding album to the couple. Eh, why so formal lah. XD

MAKING HAPPY WEDS PROJECT is a personal sponsorship project initiated by East Chin - manager of PRECIOUS who makes dreams come true for those who deserve. You can read the full behind-the-story of the project here.

If you know anyone who deserves this sponsorship, please email us at / We would be so grateful for your information, tell us what you know about them and how we can contact them.

Let’s make dreams come true! :D

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