PRECIOUS Manager Making Memories For Those Who Deserve: MAKING HAPPY WEDS PROJECT

Remember the story about an 80 year old scrap collector who bought a diamond ring for his wife after a lifetime of struggle? “We’ve been leading a hard life. I just hope to cheer her up,” he told the staff at the jewellery store.

Elderly couple from Korla, Xinjiang. Picture from

I remember my face was filled with tears when I first read this story few years back when it was all over social media, it melted all of our hearts. This romantic old man may have fulfilled his act of true love to his wife on his own, but PRECIOUS Manager - East Chin on the other hand, has something in mind that she wish she could do for the people of our local community who deserves more. Just like this story about this woman turning unwanted flowers from wedding to comfort hospice patients, but different.

Do something good. Picture from The Full Bloom - a volunteer organisation that uses

leftover flowers from weddings to comfort hospice patients.

So what does East Chin has in mind? Read along...

Love is priceless, but not weddings.

This once in a life time celebration don't come cheap these days. Like many of us, we save up part of our monthly salaries and bonuses, make smart investments, starting own businesses to prepare of ourselves for the day we decide to start a family. Also, like many others, with inevitable circumstances, probably works a non-executive job, or have substantial family responsibilities to care for, those who lived too modest, and those who live in the brink of “just enough”. They have love, but they didn't have the luxury of choice.