Featured Couple | Lu Yee + Wei Tat - Acquainted Love

They say opposite attracts, but the similarities is what pulled Lu Yee and Wei Tat closer than ever. It's just like how we felt when we first saw them, both very tall and slim in physique.

They found their way back to each other They both had first met in secondary school. Although they weren't in the same class, but they were acquainted when they went to the same tuition class. They got closer after they graduated. The pair had then went through a long distance relationship for about 4 years, and eventually decided to tie the knot.

"I can tell our character and thoughts are quite similar. We can read each other’s mind for most of the time. We like to share everything with each other, even small little things", said Lu Yee. "We like to travel, and we like to buy things for each other and claim it to be a gift for a specific day. Funny thing is that, it is in so much advance to that specific day", added Wei Tat.

Lu Yee's Favourite Dress

The minimalistic white satin gown is simple yet stylish is the bride's pick among the other dresses. It is also very comfortable to wear on, and her man also agrees, stating that his bride looks absolutely elegant and beautiful in this white dress.

The gown is also complimented with a rose gold hardware waist accessory that brings out taste of modern simplistic luxury.

The Wedding Photograph Series Lu Yee and Wei Tat's wedding photograph series is one of the most versatile we've done, and to our surprise, we absolutely love them! From elegant to fairy tale, from hippie to rustic.

The PRECIOUS Journey The pair had found PRECIOUS at the wedding fair and was attracted to our past works we presented during the consultation. They love the photography style and it was the main reason that they decided to hire our professional services.

"Additionally, the package are attractive and the friendly staff were among the contributing factors." - Wei Tat

The Experience & Tips!

"It was fun and unforgettable having to shoot at outdoors, although the weather was very hot, we had enjoyed it very much! Indoor shooting background & themes are very nice too. We had fun with the team." - Lu Yee

"The whole experience is fun-filled and we definitely made some life-long memories to keep." - Wei Tat

Lu Yee went for exercise to keep herself fit and energetic, facial, manicure pedicure, shop for high heels to match the gown, and she reminds all bride to sleep early on the day before. The pair also practice the best way to smile and also learn how to pose before the photo shoot. As for Wei Tat, he basically prepared himself by researching on how to pose and learn how to smile in front of the camera, and learn to trust the team. All and all, the team really appreciates the effort the couple put in during the photo shoot. It is extremely helpful and easier for the team to work with and eventually having great results. :)

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