Going to the wedding fair? READ THIS FIRST! | PRECIOUS Wedding

The public perception about wedding fair is that you can get cheap deals. Whether you’re getting additional freebies or paying less, whichever it may be, it’s definitely worth the trip. Wedding fair often promotes a one-time off deal with limited time offer. While enjoying good deals, you can be a better shopper during this special period. As some of you may have experienced, fairs are usually crowded, and you only have so little time to explore the entire exhibition. Here are some tips on the things you should know on exploring wedding fairs.


We consult many couples everyday, and we found that those who survey bridal packages for the first time at a wedding fair tend to be quick to judge and leave without fully understanding the offer and services. They aren't sure what is best for them nor know how to negotiate because when receive information for the first time, you need time to digest. Often end up making impulse decision, or end up getting nothing after going through all the hustle.

On the other hand, there is no room for gown fitting. We highly encourage brides to visit the showroom before signing up at the fair. A wedding gown is a focal point of the wedding, therefore it is extremely important for you to browse through the gown collection before signing up a deal and ensure you’ve seen something you like. This should be the first thing you do.

With that said, if you are in a rush, you will not be able to make the decision even if bridal houses offered their BEST deal to you. Therefore, you’ll miss out the great offers, which defeats the purpose of you visiting a wedding fair in the first place.

While all packages may seem the same in general, it varies in terms of products like the size of your album and finishing, number of poses (photos), wedding gown selections, whether the photo shoot is done locally or overseas, and most importantly - price. When you know what you want, it’s easier for the consultants to streamline the packages that suits you without wasting too much time finding your needs in a bustling exhibition.

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Do online survey! Shortlist about 3 – 5 bridal houses that you like, and go ahead to do the following steps.

  1. Request for a quotation online and do comparison that is inline with your budget

  2. Check with friends who are married for insights

  3. Set appointment to try on a few gowns (highly encouraged before signing any package)

  4. Request to browse for more actual client portfolio

  5. Check out the bridal house environment

  6. Understand the terms and conditions and other cost involved

  7. Be familiar with the process

Once you’ve done the above, you would have already known which bridal house you like the most. You are now ready to go straight to the booth and check out the best deal from the wedding fair!