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Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion, being a Chinese myself, I would consider to embrace this part of my identity for my big day. Like many brides of Chinese descendent, it's something one would consider - wearing the traditional wedding costume, also known as Qun Kua 裙褂.

The commonly known Traditional Kua is embroidered from silver and gold thread, the attire is usually only in a straight cut form, while a modern one is embellished with beads, sequins and some with crystals, usually designed to be stylish rather than to be customary. We have added to our collection three graceful sets of Modern Chinese Kua.

For those who are looking for a less orthodox kua, a modern Chinese kua would be an option. These kuas are available for rent at Precious Wedding Malaysia.

The traditional gold and silver thread embroidery are considered the most precious craftwork compared to modern kua. Here’s here: Why Is The Chinese Traditional Wedding Costume Kua From Hong Kong Is So Expensive | Precious Wedding

The Abundance

This two-piece kua is embellished with phoenix above gold and silver clouds. The skirt is designed with two flaps on the front and back. The edges of the sleeves, bottom part of the top, and the flap are donned with semi circle shapes from the clouds. It's also decorated with tiny crystals all over. This piece has more colours in it, at first glance it feels vibrant, giving it a youthful feel.

The Opulence

This kua set is heavily donned with golden beaded Chinese pattern around the edges of the top and skirting, giving it a rich, elegant look. The golden dragon & phoenix can be seen on the front chest area and back, on the flaps of both sides. The bloomed peonies on the other hand, bring the attire to life.

The Prosperity

This sand colour attire is rich in golden dragon phoenix embroidery and red peonies. Unlike the two kuas above, this one comes with a two layer removable collar, which has a more robust character to it. The beaded edges are just charming!

If you'd like to try on these few pieces, make your way to Precious Wedding SS2 for a fitting.

You can read more about Chinese Traditional Kua here: Kua & The Phoenix Crown - The Chinese Traditional Wedding Costume.

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