Get your tea & scones ready, ladies, we need to talk.

If you ask ten brides, nine of them would probably say “right after I get into shape”. Well, yes, that’s also a valid point, ladies. However, base on our experience as the photographers from the industry, let’s give you a more reasonably practical tip on how you can take advantage of the low seasons.

You would be surprised that the peak wedding season from September to December is the low season for pre-wedding photo sessions. We have been taking photos since 2009, let us share with you what we know.

Planning your photoshoot session between September and December

The General “Peak Wedding Season” The peak wedding season from September to December is normally very busy overall is a general misconception. The photographers are fully booked for wedding events during these times of the year is correct, however, it is only the weekends where the weddings are held. What about the weekdays? That’s right, we are usually free! That is when the team explores new concepts and themes. Join us, maybe?

Only if you are adventurous Given the loose schedule, our team will use this free time to experiment with new creative ideas to promote for the following year. If you are adventurous with an open mind, you may have the opportunity to try out something we have not done before. If you are lucky, you may have more than one photographer and additional assistants during your session.

“I’m sorry, your dress is not available.” In most cases, peak wedding season means most of the wedding gowns are not available because they are rented out for actual wedding day. In PRECIOUS practice, we have segregated the gowns for photoshoot and wedding day. We would always have a readily available section for the photoshoot. During this low season period, you have more varieties to choose from because of not many photoshoot session during this time.