5 kind of Maternity Style

We enjoy this kinda of pre-welcome celebration for babies! It's a fun process when you know it's a 2 plus 1 photoshoot and seeing how excited the first time parents are but also clueless of what's to come.

The kind of maternity photos you take kinda tells us the kind of parents you aspire to be. Here's our guess.

1. The Football Fanatic

You anxiously wait for junior to exit mom's belly and start watching every football game with you.

2. The Basketball Teamplayer

And you wish if only junior could join the basketball game with your friends the coming weekend.

3. The Model Mom

Oh. Junior will be growing up with style, just like momma.

4. The Fun Family

This family can do anything, as long as it's fun.

5. The Artistic

The black & white photos that define a deeper meaning of life. We sense a lot of philosophical teachings in this family.

So, what kind of parents will you be? :D

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