Expand wedding props possibilities with Precious Personalised Theme Photo Shoot | Precious Wedding

There’s a buzz going around Precious Wedding and people are wondering what is this “Personalised Theme”?

If you are looking for creative prop ideas, or artistic decorative background for your pre-wedding photoshoot that is made just for you, here’s something you may want to consider.

What is Personalised Theme?

Personalised theme is the latest addition to our photo shoot service. It’s a custom designed set that is crafted to suit your style; props with decoration added that enriches the photograph colour & composition, providing depth to an image; making the image more interesting and unique just for your wedding photos.

“Own A Style That is Uniquely Yours”

The inspiration behind a theme can be anything from your experience like planning on trip together; or a hobby that both of you share; or as simple as your favourite colour theme.

The idea behind our Bakery Theme came from one of our staff that loves to bake. (...and of course, the baking scene is interesting because you get to toss flour on your partner.)

Whatever your idea may be, our resident set designer and prop stylist are here to make that vision come into reality.